Wednesday, February 28, 2007

>I< Revisited

I am writing this thing because i terribly miss you.
Miss you in ways my heart cannot endure. i see beauty
in a country full of lovely people and yet i cant help
but think about you, write you in this great distance,
search for your soul and clarity in this sea of great
severance, want you and crave for you again and again.

Yes you are right,
India is a very beautiful place.

But nothing compares to you, nothing surpasses your
rhyme. If your heart is a lovely continent, a lost
country of beauty and grace, ill go back again maybe
even settle there. Stay there not because i want to
take over the affairs and beatings of your heart nor
to treat it like a conquest suffered by many nations

I want to settle and dwell in your heart because i beg
for the nourishment of your sweet escape, to inherent
your time even if it is temporal, and lastly humbly
love you, love you and love you.

My heart is like
Calcutta and Mumbai. We share the
same beggars, we share the same want, needs and alms.
We share the same longing and waiting. The beggars of

Calcutta and mumbai want their lives and dignity back,
while me, I want your light like how moths fall in
love with fireflies. I long for your you, yes you,
woman of countless words.

I crave. I search and search for the captivating
redemption of your closet heart.Taking you away from
me is like taking away a very important piece of me,
its like taking away a large part of me.

I miss you very much and
India greatly understands.

last night it rained.


Then i remembered you. I remember you and your small
and fragile hands. So small raindrops will wither in
envy.... so fragile, music of butterflies.


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