Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Open Sea

By Emmanuel Hizon

She is a shipwreck
Feral tide in love with disorder
Overthrowing life
An orgy of pandemonium and un-peace
Drowning the unbelievers
Dragging to uncertainty who do

She is the brave blissfulness of disarray
Watching bodies upon bodies of desperation
Seeking air,
Clutching to whatever handles just to live
Their tired reruns
Holding on to loveless loves

Will you trespass the depths of her sanity
And plunge to the bosom of her promise?
The promise of getting you lost
You, closet wanderer, broken compass
Lonely lost and found attendant person
Finding almost everything, everyone
Except yourself.

Make love to her; make love to the open sea
Embrace her
Succumb to her
Resist her
Rebel for and against her
Break away
Swim wherever.