Monday, January 7, 2008


Yes, I know, I know. Recently, I've been posting stuff here consisting mostly of videos from the Youtube jungle, favorite song lyrics and other people's poems. I guess I got nothing new to show or write this new year. Geez, my 2007 year-end post was even a song from Imago.

I got nothing to write right now. Dead nothing. Blank. Kaput. Dead end.

Yet, I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I think I'm quite happy. Yeah, I'm happy. Wawa Emman, can't write happy thoughts. You sick little fuck.

And No! I will not write things like how I survived today's work, how I feel this week (with birds chirping nearby) or what's my point of view regarding the stupid network war. I won't do it just to fill in the spaces and just to to keep this blog from being so static. I'm tired of filling up the spaces.

So instead, you'll have a dose of videos from Youtube, song lyrics and poems from dead, near dead people.

Don't worry you'll hear from me soon. Or maybe not. Who cares.